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On this site you will find writing samples of my various works.


You can read full versions of writings, or a brief synopsis and a sample. All you have to do is select the category you wish to browse through.


If you would like to discuss job options, or would like to produce something of mine, then please do not hesitate to contact me.


My Writing Objective


I wish to write as much as I can in various formats. I want to write my own feature films, short films, staged plays, short stories and comic books.


I'd also like to write for other people or already established stories. I've been a nerd with the comic book superhero movies and TV shows. I'd love to write for one of those shows, if not my own.


I don't like to stick to one genre, though I usually have comedic aspects in everything and I love adding fantastic elements to realism. I'm working on writing, at least, one short film in each genre I wish to pursue, while leaving it somewhat open for expansion into a feature.

I write in order to get all of my thoughts, stories and visions out of my head, but I hope to entertain, inspire and inform anyone and everyone who wishes to read or watch my unique stories.

Some say originality is gone, that's true to an extent, but I tend to take normal stories and put some sort of spin on it that most people don't usually think about. That's why I call them unique instead of original.

I've been told several times that my writings have great descriptive detail and dialogue. Since I am also an actor, I try to have a deep reliance on character in my stories.

I currently volunteer my time hosting a Wordsmiths Screenwriting Workshop in Austin, TX that helps develop my craft and assist others with theirs.

If you have any advice, insight or guidance for me to become successful in my writing, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you for visiting my site!

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