These are some comics I've written over the years. I'm more than happy to revise things, or write more if someone wants to illistrate for them. These are also stories I could convert to another creative format.


Krunktastic Four


--- This is a cartoony outlandish comedy with a story that revolves around a house lived in by four college guys. A metor strikes a small town and turns people into superheroes. They all learn to cope with their new powers and appearances, and call themselves the Krunktastic Four. The first villians they come in contact with happen to be the sorority sisters. 


Defiling the Sonnet: Cerebral Apocolypse


--- This would be the first issue in a series of at least seven. This is the only issue written, but have the others planned, and I can exectue them if I find an illistrator, and help to produce. The story is about a guy named Hero who is a creative artist living in Austin, TX. A meteor hits in a certain location near Austin,TX and it wipes a bunch of things out. The meteor also brings with it a horrifying alien terror. Once the metoer implants into the Earth, it speads something that causes these colorful mushrooms to pop-up everywhere. These mushrooms have some physicic ability against the weak minded. The mushrooms call to those weak people causing them to et the mushroom. Upon ingestion, blood turns back, the body enchances on it's usual size to become quicker and more powerful, and they turn into creatures seeking destruction, and nothing more. Anyone and anything can turn as long as they are wek minded and ingest the mushrooms, even animals. Hero is a strong minded creative person who sets out to find out what happened, how it happened, and how to stop it. Along the way he meets other strong minded people who happen to specialize in different skills from one another. Everyone bands together to defeat the destruction that has come, and start a new world with the people who are left. Hero follows versus from Sonnets, rather than the Bible, to help the story and life along.


Big Mean Green


Story by Jonathan Gray.


--- The story follows a guy, Edie, who is a gambler, who has worked himself into quite a debt to Mr. Green. Mr. Green happens to have some supernatural powers, and manipulates Edie into an agreement he will never get out of with his life.




Story by Mickey Baker.


--- A man meets another at the crossroads of life.


Bermuda Bear


--- A bear goes into a monkey's store to buy an axe to get a bee hive.