A List of Feature Films


There is a three page PDF sample of the script, when you click the title, along with the synopsis below. 


Queen of the Fairies


In development for 6+ years and written for class at SFA which received a grade of "A" from Jack Heifner, and voted by the class as most likely to be produced. As of now, 30 pages of the script is written, but the treatment and outline is done. I aim for this script to be around 90 pages once it's finished.


Genre: Fantasy, Drama

8+Characters: 1 Female Child, 1 Middle Aged Female. 1 Old Male, 1 Old Female, 2 Middle Aged Males, 2 Any Range, Faries, Extras

Locations: House/Apartment, Log Cabin in the Forrest, an Enchanted Forrest, 2 Shops, Elementary School, Classroom, Car


Synopsis: Britney is a 10 year old girl with a wild imagination. Her Mom comes across a book, Queen of the Fairies, and gives it to her as a gift. Once reading the book she becomes entrapped in the story and feeling like she's really apart of the world of the fairies. Once her mom finds a new job and moves, they all discover that the world of the fairies is very real, and they are caught in the middle of a mischievous game.


Diva Heart


Available for Future Production- In development for 6+years. I have character sketches, maps, the outline and the treatment for the script finished. I'm working out the ending and revising some things. I have plans for this movie to work toward being produced. It's currently at 120 pages.

As a feature this would likely be a trilogy, but I've also been developing it in TV series format, which I'm calling 'Spirit Islands'. Check that out here.


WGAW Registered and has a Copyright.


Submissions: 4


Genre: Thriller, Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama

45+Characters: 12 Middle Aged Males, 2 Young Males, 13 Middle Aged Females, 3 Older Males, 3 Older Females, 10 Any Range, 1 Child Male, Strippers, Extras

Locations: The main idea is to use mostly green screen with props and furniture, and have at least 1 real location.

Country Roads, Strip Club (Real Location), Office/Apartment, 3 Houses, Beat Down Shack, Diner, 2 Bars, 2 Cars, Limo, Big Military Vehicle, Neighborhood, Concrete Room, Dark Room, Casino, 3 Offices, Police Station, 3 Apartments, Cafe, 4 Shops, Voodoo Fortune Teller Shop, Streets, Laboratory, City Hall


Synopsis: On a post-apocalyptic, cyberpunk, dystopian island, a knowledge driven sleuth is captured by the devious, heart stealing woman he pursues, but he must defeat the true enemy or watch the city fall.


Caught In Between


This is still in format development. You can read the play here, or from selecting the "Full Length Play" category.


Genre: Fantasy, Comedy, Theological

16+Characters: 2 Middle Aged Males, 4 Young Males, 2 Middle Aged Females, 2 Young Females, 4 Any Range, 1 Child Male, 1 Teenage Male, Extras

Locations: Earth- 2-3 Houses, Car, Bar, Hospital, Streets. "Other World" made of clouds, as if in the sky- Podium at Big Gates, Looking Well, Waiting Area, 2 Offices


Synopsis: Adam Bingham is caught between worlds after making mistakes in his life, and dying. He is put to work as a Guardian Angel for a little boy in order to learn his lessons from his previous life, and advance himself in the afterlife. In the process the boy Henry finds out how life really works, and how all lives, past, present, and future, intertwine throughout the years.