A List of Short Stories

Full stories. Some stories have been adapted to other writing formats, which means some things have changed for adaption. Anything here can be adapted, or will be adapted, to other formats.



This story I turned into a play, and it has been produced and performed once. I'm also still in the process of formatting it for film.


---Benson tries to deal with the loss of his wife Angelica. This is an unnatural love story that could only happen "once in a blue moon". He tries to rid himself of guilt, and magically bring back the one he can’t live without.


Inspired by Joseph Perez’s video for Aperfectcircle’s song “Blue” on the aMOTION album.

































Diva Heart


This story I have changed and turned it into a full feature film. This story has been in development for 6+ years, and still trying to work out the full script, but mainly the ending.


--- Detective Psykes is in search of a woman, Diva Heart, who is seducing men and literally stealing their hearts. After finding this woman and killing her, he realizes that he felt powerful, and has turned into a killer, just like her, but with his own signature.






































The Water Bearer


---A a once green paradise town gets in a long drought, then saved by a travler named Aquarius.


































Life on the Sun


---Martin Biggers lives on the sun and has never slept or had dreams, until today. His roommate, Angela Bigger, brings him the power to dream, and she helps him obtain his dream of going to Earth.


Bigger and Biggers are roommates in a house on the sun; they’re real actual people, not aliens, not wearing weird suits; they’re just like anyone else on Earth, except they live on the Sun.

Biggers comes home from work; unloading Trash Ships from Earth at The Shining Dock, and travels around dumping the trash down tunnels in Sun Spots; (How else would the sun keep burning?); it’s a hard, all time job.

He flops down on the couch and lets out a deep aggravated sigh; picks up the remote beside him and turns the T.V. on to the Looking Channel; he watches people on Earth swimming, lying on the green grass; looking at the blue and white sky, feeling the soft breeze in their hair; and having fun in darkness, with bits of light twinkling above them.

He stares in a daze, not moving at all.

Bigger bursts through the door, with a huge smile on her face, and plops next to Biggers, “I have it.”

“Have what?”

“The ultimate experience. A new drug I just came across.”

“Oh really? What’s special about this one? It’s not like that Tab crap that makes me feel like complete shit after all the fun, is it?”


“Or that fuckin’ Biqour shit…”

“No, it’s like Sid, Roomy, and Jane, but better. Way better.”

“I like those. So what is it?”


“What, no fancy name? What does it stand for?”

“I don’t remember, but people on Earth call it dreaming. They do it when they sleep.”

“What the hell is sleep?”

“I don’t know. It’s something Earth people do when it’s dark.”

“Oh well, it doesn’t get dark here.”

“No. But this shit is naturally in the brain. So it just happens. Sometimes even when they’re wide awake.”

“Well, what’s this dreaming shit like?”

“Not sure. The thing about this is that most can’t remember anything that happened afterwards.”

“What? Then how do you know it’s happening?”

“When you wake up. You just know and feel like you’ve had the most amazing experience in your life. The best thing you can ever think of, is possible to do.”



Biggers looks at the T.V. and contemplates the situation, “I’ve always wanted to leave this place, and go to Earth, and do what they can do…” 

He gets up and goes to look out the window to see yellow, red, and orange, flowing and bubbling around radiantly. Streams of lava flaring, arching, and splashing into each other. He looks up and out to see blackness, with the glow of the sun fading into it; then he turns to Bigger, who is watching him curiously, “I want something so much more than this damn place.”

“So do you wanna try it?”


Bigger giggles and pulls out a bag, and Biggers sits back on the couch, “So what do we do?”

“Ok, most people just smoke it. You get a real intense trip. But it only lasts for like 10 minutes.”

“Why don’t we just do more?”

“Could be dangerous.”

“If it’s natural, how can it be dangerous?”

“ Nature has some fucked up shit. Don’t ask dumb questions. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.”

Bigger prepares everything to smoke the Dreams, then lights it, and blows the smoke out slowly. They pass the pipe for a while until they start to relax, lay their heads back, and close their eyes. 

They stay this way for several minutes.

They gradually begin to wake-up, smiling and stretching, “That was awesome.” Says Biggers.

“Yeah. I don’t even know what happened, but I know I liked it.” Bigger responds.

“Everything was so real.”

“I know.”

“Could you imagine what people on Earth dream about? Probably some fantastic shit.“ 

He thinks, “I’m sure that’s what I dreamt about, Earth.”

“Earth, why?”

Dumbfounded, “Do you not watch the Looking Channel? They have everything on Earth: water, grass, a sky, night, sleeping, dreaming; hell, everything we have here, we get from there. We work all the time to keep half of them warm and bright. Some of them hate us, but we all envy them. I mean, it’s not like I can move there, I was born here, my body couldn’t take it, unless I look goofy.”

Realizing, “Wow. I never really thought about it.”

With the thoughts in his head, “I do, all the time.”

“So what are you going to do?”

Biggers glances at the T.V. for a bit, then window, and back to Bigger, “How much of that do you have on you?” Curiously, “Enough. Why?”

“I can’t stand this place, and I can’t leave; I want to sleep and dream my life away.” 

Points out the window, “I want to live on Earth.”

Wondering, “What about your job?”

Blowing it off, “They have no sense of time, I’ll tell them I got lost; this place looks the same, they won’t know the difference. Besides, if people follow behind me, then maybe we can  have night here for once, and we can all sleep naturally.”


“You goin’ with me?”

She debates, then is reassured, “No, I kind of like it here. But I’ll let you have fun.”

Bigger gives Biggers the rest of the Dreams, “I hope you wake-up at some point. And try to remember. So you can tell me about the most hardcore trip ever.”

“Will do.”

Bigger goes toward the door, then stops, “Can I watch you leave?”


Biggers engulfs all of the dreams, right there, and slowly passes out; arms crossed, head back, eyes closed, and a slight smile on his face. 

Biggers smirks and sighs, “Huh. Looks peaceful. And happy.”

She pats him on the leg and walks off; opens the door out into the fiery world, and closes it; leaving Biggers behind to live.


Dream a Dream,

And Sleep a Day.

Always Seems,

To be the Right Way.


Waiting on an Angel


---Alex Webber is a lonely man with a wish to not die alone, and waits on an angel to comfort him. The story is based off the song "Waiting on an Angel" by Ben Harper.


This is a colder and darker night than usual for Alex Webber. He sits on the bed with his bare feet on the cold, dirty wooden floor. The lights in the house are out. He stares glumly out the window behind him, watching the rain. The dim gloomy skylight washes through the window, which is the only light in the house.
            He listens to the rain hitting on the tin roof, going down the gutter, and flowing with the rest of the water on the ground. He can almost hear the water as it races down the window, connecting together, then separating, but the water moves so smoothly that he couldn’t possibly hear that much.
            A flash of purple lightning brings color into his dark world only for a moment. He enjoys the rain; the rain fits the way he is feels.
            He can’t help but think about how wonderful it would be to have a companion. Someone to be right next to him, to hold, lie with, and talk the rain away. It’s easy to get through dreary rainy days when you have someone to help. He can usually not think about being lonely by going out and doing things, but days like this makes it impossible. The warmth and comfort of a female body would make this day more uplifting. The female body is beautiful all in itself. The curves, the skin, eyes to the soul, the whole formation is appealing. It's pure, organic, natural art.
            “It’s getting to me.”
            He's carried away in his thoughts. The loneliness has taken hold of him. Trying to get his mind elsewhere, he turns on the radio. Maybe some noise will help. He leans over to the radio, switches it on, and lays back on the bed. The guitar softly and slowly plays, and the singer sings with deep sincerity.
            “Waiting on an angel. Wanting to carry me home. I hope you come and see me soon, cause I don’t wanna go alone…So be kind to a stranger, cause you’ll never know it just might be an angel come knocking at your door. I’m waiting on an angel to find myself a resting place in my angel’s arms…”
            The song is called Waiting on an Angel by Ben Harper. It begins to toy with Alex’s head. The words could mean that he is waiting for an angel to carry him to Heaven when he dies. It could mean that he is waiting on an angel to hold in his arms. He doesn’t want to die alone. So, he needs that companion, his own angel to love and hold.
            His head begins to race with thoughts of the past women in his life. He has loved many women, but has yet to claim love to one. He reminisces about being with the women, looking at them with loving eyes, speaking to them in a loving way, thinking and feeling love, but love has never been returned. He waits on his one to come, like stories of princesses waiting for their prince charming, he waits for his beauty queen, or his angel.
            He begins to sulk even more than before. He can’t contain his thoughts and feelings. He wants and needs love in his life. Thinking about it only makes things worse. He jumps up and turns off the radio. If he was to continue to listen to that, he would probably kill himself; he wouldn’t, but it would cross his mind for five seconds. The song was good, but he is trying to not think about that subject.
            The mind switches to another subject and he begins to think of how life can tend to be ironic. For instance, if you get a twenty dollar bill and hold it in front of you with Jackson facing you. Fold the bill lengthwise, like a hot dog, with the bottom coming up. Then, hold both index fingers and place them on the each side of the center, and fold the ends up for a point at the bottom. You should have a half square at the top, and a triangle at the bottom. Now, look at the bill, you can see what looks like the twin towers with smoke coming from the exact places that the towers were hit. Is that ironic?
            Ironic that it’s actually there? Ironic that someone sat somewhere and figured that out? The bill was that way before 9/11. Someone found something from the past that, somewhat, predicted the future. How does this happen? All of these bring up the question of life itself, not as an irony, but the actual act of life. Is life planned? Is there a pattern? Can you find the future to everything by folding money, or something of similarity?
            His mental attention continues to jump around various subjects. He never gets to finish a complete thought. As his mind wanders, thinks, and dreams, he gets tired and falls asleep. He can now sleep the rain away, and dream his troubles off.
            The next day, the sun shines brightly through the window. The brightest spot from the window shines right in his eyes. The room begins to become very heated. He lies in the bed under the covers and starts to feel like a pig in a blanket baking in the oven. He shoves the covers off of him, groans, and gets out of bed.
            Today is going to be a glorious day for him. He gets to relax and do whatever he wants, but he has to get out of the house and be around people. He still has lonely thoughts in the back of his head, but he needs to do something fun to change his mind.
            He does his daily routine, and then decides to take his dog for a walk through the park. He leashes the dog and they walk out the door. He stops once he is outside to feel the weather. The sun beats warmly on his face. He can feel his body absorbing bursts of energy. He smiles and takes a deep breath, locks his door, and heads down the stairs to the ground that will take him out to the world.
            They get to the park and Max, the dog, is extremely excited. He begins to pull on the leash because he wants to get there quicker. They walk down the hill at the park to the trail that goes for miles. It is a very pleasant day. The sun shines, the breeze blows, the birds chirp, nothing can make him feel gloomy today.
            They walk a few minutes and Alex begins to look around at the people. He notices a couple sitting on a bench holding each other. He watches another couple walk down the path in front of him smiling and holding hands. He observes a third couple playing on the ground with their dog. There seems to be couples all over the park.
            Alex continues to smile and walk his path. He gets a bit choked up about the situation, but he refuses to let it get to him. He looks straight at the path he is walking, and doesn’t look anywhere else. In doing so, he runs into someone on the path. They bump, and quickly try to gain their composer. He tries to apologize to her, but begins to stutter. He sees that she is a gorgeous woman who just so happens to be walking her dog alone.
            “Oh! Sorry, I uh… I wasn’t paying... I was going...I didn’t see you there. Not that I couldn’t see you there. I mean I like seeing you, you’re very attractive, not like your invisible. So, I didn’t want you to think…I don’t know why I just told you that.”
 He says trying to figure himself out and then finally snaps, and holds out his hand,
            “ Hi! I’m Alex Webber. Sorry for running into you.”
She smiles and giggles a little,
            “It’s ok, I wasn’t paying attention either. No harm done.”
She takes his hand and shakes it,
            “I’m Faye Tate.”
He smiles genuinely,
            “Nice to meet you.”
            While they were talking their dogs begin to play and get all four of them tangled. They clumsily start to get everything un-tangled and laugh along the way. The dogs continue to play right in the middle of the un-tangling, and it makes things worse.  It’s very amusing to watch these two try to fix the disaster. They get everything undone and hold their dogs close. 
    “Maybe we should go before that happens again.” 
She says suddenly while holding her dog.
            “Yeah, maybe so.”
He says dryly. He doesn’t want to leave her. He was enjoying himself, but she probably has better things to do.
            “Well, nice to meet you. Hope you have fun walking your dog.”
She says as she pulls the dog along.
            “Nice to meet you. Watch where you’re going from now on. You could really hurt someone with your looks…”
He says in a joking way and then snaps,
            “Leash! Hurt someone with your leash. That’s what I meant to say.”
He feels like complete crap. She smiles sweetly,
            “Thanks, you too.”
Then, she walks off with her dog.
            “You too?”
He says to himself.
            “Does that mean she thinks I’m attractive?”
He shakes his head and tries not to think about the situation, and continues down the path he was walking before he ran into her. Once reaching the top of the hill he sits at the bench that rests there, pets his dog, and watches the people all over the park. Everyone seems very happy and are enjoying themselves. He does this for a few minutes, and then starts to walk back home.

            After getting home, he relaxes. After about an hour, Alex starts to get hungry and finds that he has nothing to eat at home. He puts Max in his kennel, and leaves to go eat.
            He gets to the restaurant and is seated. While he is walking to his seat he looks around, and what do you think he sees? That it’s a great day for people to come to this restaurant for their date. Couples are at several tables spread about the building. They all talk, laugh, and smile at each other. He can tell that he is going to be eating quickly today.
            He sits at his table, and waits alone. After a few moments his waitress comes. His waitress just so happens to be the girl from the park.
            “Oh hey! How are you?”
He says surprisingly.
            “Well isn’t this a small world. How was the rest of your walk?”
She says with a smile.
            “It was nice; I didn’t stay too much longer. What about you?”
            “I was leaving to go home and get ready to come here. I haven’t had much else today. So, what would you like to drink?”
            The conversation was over and now it’s time for her to focus on her job. He felt like he was in a very awkward position. He wants to talk to her, but this isn’t the right place or time. He wants a second chance to not seem like a fool, but this wasn’t the best way to go about it.
            “I’ll just have a glass of tea.”
He says like any other customer would.
            “Okay, it will be right out.”
            After sitting there for a while he gets anxious, and upset about seeing couples together. He feels uncomfortable so he gets up to go to the bathroom, but as he is scooching out of the booth, he runs into the waitress. She lets out a high pitch shriek as she stumbles and dumps the tray all over herself. On the bright side, all that was spilled were drinks.
            “Hey I’m so sorry, I didn’t see you coming…I…Uh…Are you okay? Of course you’re okay, I mean it’s just liquid, ice, and stuff, but…I’m sorry.”
He just keeps repeating himself and stuttering the whole time. He feels awful about the whole thing.
 “It’s okay, you just scared me.”
She says calmly,
             “Like you said, just liquid, ice, and stuff, right?”
He says with a goofy grin on his face. He can’t get over how cute she is, and can’t stop smiling.
            He continues to finish helping her clean up. Everything was alright, but he still felt terrible. He tried talking to her, and maybe asking her out, but that’s probably awkward to do in that situation. So, he stayed shy and reserved away from her. He had to spill everything on her, just his luck.
            He finishes eating, meanwhile, feeling like the biggest person in the room, or the ugliest, due to everyone looking at him. He eats faster, throws the money on the table ,and runs out the door.
            “Damn it!”
            He says panting his lungs out after running two blocks over. Then, he begins to wonder why the hell he ran all that way. He actually ran out of the restaurant, and down two blocks, just to get out of that situation as fast as possible. Pathetic.
            It’s beginning to get dark outside. He can see the baby blue horizon, just before the rainbow colors fill the sky. He decides to go home and call it a day.
            He gets home and settles. After a few hours, rain comes out of nowhere. There is a knock at the door. He gets up and goes to the door, opens it, and there stands the waitress from earlier. She is soaked and standing on his porch with the rain pouring behind her.
“Hi, I’m sorry, but my car broke down in front of your house. Can I use your phone?’
            “Oh, yes of course come in, get dry.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re the waitress from earlier aren’t you?”
He blurts out.
“You’re the guy who spilled all the drinks on me today.’
Saying with a convicting tone.
            “I had to pay for all of that!”
“I’m very sorry. I haven’t had a good day, and it just happened. It was an accident.”
            She explains she had a bad day as well. She changes into some of his dry clothes, and they sit and talk for a while. They really hit it off.
            Later, she calls a friend to come bring her home. The friend comes and waits outside in the car. He lends her his umbrella until they meet again.
            “Thanks for helping. I’ll come back tomorrow to look at the car.”
            “Not a problem. I’m willing to help after running into you so many times today.”
            “Yeah, I guess there was a reason.”
He laughs,
            “Well, it was great talking to you. Hopefully I’ll see you tomorrow?”         
            “Sure, I should be here.”
            “Okay, well thanks again. Bye”
She walks out into the rain, gets in the car, and leaves. He watches her while smiling. He finally talked to someone, and didn't feel alone. There is something special about her, but isn't sure what. Either way, he's happier than he's felt in years, and very much looking forward to tomorrow.

            The next morning Alex is extremely energized and very upbeat. He wakes up early with plenty of sleep, eats some oatmeal, and has a smoothie and coffee. He takes Max out for a walk around the neighborhood, and greets many people along the way. He takes second glances all around him because everything seems different. The town has a different light with a better perspective.
            “So, this is how couples feel all the time. It's nice."
            Later, when he arrives home he sees Faye in his driveway with someone at the car with her. He walks over to them,
             “Hey, what's going on?"
            “Hey, just looking over the car to find out what's wrong. This is my uncle, he's a mechanic."
            “Nice to meet you."
Her uncle says with a scratchy redneck voice.
            “Hi. So, what's wrong?"
Her uncle spits out some dip, and responds,
            “Well, looks like a whole mess of trouble. You got a dead battery, out of gas, and a radiator leak. I can get your gas and battery, and get it running at least, but we gotta look into fixing that radiator before you get bigger problems."
            “Well, let's get as much done as we can. I don't want to have to worry about this, and I gotta work later."
She turns to Alex,
             “Do you mind if the car stays here for a while longer? We should be back at 5 o' clock to get it out of the way."
            “Sure, no problem at all. I got and appointment at 4, and should be back here by then to help if you need it."
            “Okay, well, thank you. We're gonna get going and get it done."
            “Alright, well I'll see ya in a bit."
Faye and her uncle get into his heavy duty truck and drive off.
            As Alex is leaving his house for his appointment, he notices his neighbor throwing away dead flowers in the can at the street. As he passes by,
            “Awww, I bet they were very pretty. What was the occasion?"
She responds,
            “Our anniversary. I don't know why he gets flowers. It's not practical; they're just going to die soon anyway. Everything always dies."
Alex's eyes get a little watery,
            “Well, you know it's all about enjoying the beauty as much as you can while it's there."
            “Well aren't your glasses rosy."
            “It's not about seeing the world in rose colored glasses. It's about stopping just to smell them."
            “Yeah, whatever."
She blows him off and walks sluggishly to the house. Alex shrugs, smiles, and continues to walk.

Alex is in the doctor's office, who has just examined him,
            “I'm sorry son. There's just no way to stop it, or even slow it down."
            “But I feel great today."
            “Something good happen recently?"
            “Meet a girl?"
            “Mind over matter son, that's all."
            “Well, can't I just think I feel great all the time, and that will get rid of this thing?"
            “Sorry, doesn't quite work like that, my boy."
            “So, how long?"
            “Few months. No more than a year."
            “I know. That's life though. Dying happens to the best of us."
            “It's all about how you enjoy it."
            “That's right. Make the best of it and enjoy yourself."
The Doctor pats him on the shoulder, and then decides to give him a hug,
            “I'd need a drink if I were you."
            “Yeah, thanks."
The doctor leaves, and Alex sits there silently drooping his head. He starts to cry a bit, and then hugs himself.

            Alex is walking home and hears birds chirping, feels the cool breeze, and reminisces about all the good, fun times in his childhood and growing up: dressing up for Halloween as a ninja turtle, making cookies and popcorn balls with his mom, high school graduation, parties at college with people dressed up, having great times dancing the night away, traveling to the mountains covered with flowers, and traveling to great cities across the ocean; like Venice, Dublin, and Paris. These were amazingly happy times that he will never forget. He still wishes he had someone to share all those moments with, but maybe he can finish his life sharing some great new times.
            As he thinks about Faye a smile comes to him. All the smiles are the same, and therefore, she has to be the one to share some happy times with him. It's a sign that they are meant to be with one another.
            He gets close to his house and he sees her leaning on her car with her arms crossed. He shouts, waves, and starts to run to her. She stands up, looks at him wide eyed, and with a saddened look. As he reaches the road he notices the look on her face, and gets a bit concerned. As he reaches the middle of the road there is tire squeal. Alex turns his head to see a car coming around the corner quickly, and it loses control. Alex is in a state of shock and has no time to get out of the way. Faye screams his name as he gets hit by the car. He rolls over the hood, hits the windshield, and stumbles over the side of the roof. The car hits a pole and the driver flies out of the windshield.
            Faye runs over to Alex, gets down, holds him, and cries. Alex is still coherent, but is not in pain.
            “I'm sorry." She says.
            “You didn't do this. I was going to die anyway. Everything has too, right?"
            “I'm sorry it happened to you like this. You're a great person, and you don't deserve this. That's why I'm here."
He gives a confused concerned look, then she says,
            “I'm an angel of mercy sent to help you leave painlessly, and grant your wish. You’re not going to die alone."
Alex smiles and begins to breathe heavy and fast,
            “Thank you."
            “I love you."
She says smiling and staring into his wide eyes.
            A stranger was his angel, come to carry him home. He waits no longer for his angel because he found his resting place in his angel’s arms. That’s all he wanted.
            Her smile gets brighter, and then she starts to gleam. Her skin, face, her whole body is glowing with a gold and white shine. A light comes from the Heavens through spiraling colorful clouds, and it serves as a spotlight over them. Beautiful big angel wings slowly come from her back and spread out wide and the two of them begin to rise above the world together.


Fitch's Beast


---This is a short fairy tale. It's a modern combination of the old fairy tale Blue Beard, the character Beast from Beauty and the Beast, and the book "Fitcher's Brides" by Gregory Frost.

  Deep in the Greenwood Mountains lies a wide dirt path through arching trees, leading to a huge black steel gate. Behind that gate lies a two story, blue brick mansion that shimmers in the moonlight. The mansion is symmetrical, and has a three story tower, dead center of the house; with the roof spiraling to the tip of the tower.
All around the enormous circular driveway are nice luxury cars. They are there because one of the greatest parties is happening right now in that mansion. Blue, red, and green lights flash through the windows, and the music thumps loudly.


The party is for the houses owner; the famous, yet infamous, Fitch Blooman is throwing his birthday party. He’s a rich and powerful man, and loves to throw good parties; just so he can show off how much he‘s got. No one is quite sure what he does, but everyone knows that he can make people disappear if they cross him; so no one asks questions.
Fitch is infamous because he’s the most eligible bachelor, and everyone thinks there is something wrong with that. A guy like him being single just doesn’t make sense. There are also rumors saying that every woman that has even shown interest in him has disappeared. Everyone loves his company and his parties too much to let thoughts like that get in the way. They all are just looking for a great time. And right now, they are having just that.


People are standing around all over the house holding red, blue, or clear plastic cups; chit chatting and laughing with one another. They dance around a big screen TV that shows crazy images made by colored lines and waves, and fast upbeat music bumping through the surround sound to back it all up.
Behind the long couch that semi-encircles the room is an island bar surrounded by a drunk happy crowd. At the bar is Fitch Blooman, shaking up some drinks to the beat of the music and pouring the intoxicating liquid into empty glasses.
Fitch has clean, short cut, dark blue hair that connects evenly with his jagged beard of the same color. His sparkling eyes are a deep blue, and matches with his dimply bright smile that makes anyone feel woozy once they’ve looked straight at him.
Faye, wearing a red dress that forms with her slender body, walks over to Fitch for a refill, smiles, and catches eyes with him as he smiles back. Her face starts to heat up and she can’t think of what to say. She wants to say something, but everything comes out like a panting dog.
He looks over her long, curly, golden hair; luscious, glossy, pink lips; and squinting eyes caused by her sweet grinning face.
“You are adorable.” He says to her.
She stops smiling, she doesn’t know how to respond, it was so sudden, “Th…Thank you. Y…You too.” He laughs, “Thanks. Enjoying yourself this evening?”
“Yes, yes of course. Thank you. This place is amazing.”
“Yeah, I like it," he gives her quick look over, “but not every place here is a good place.”
She smiles seductively, “And what place in here would be a bad place?”
He leans in close to her ear and whispers, “My bedroom.”
“Is that so?”
“I don’t even stay there. I stay in other rooms.”
“Why’s that?”
He grabs her waist and pulls her in even closer, “Everyone has monsters in their closet.”
“What kind of monsters?”
He touches his nose to hers and looks into her eyes, “You really want to know.”
She quivers, “Okay, sure.”
He reaches into his coat pocket and pulls out a blue skeleton key and a plain white egg. He puts them into her hands, and then closes her hands with his, “Take these and go up the spiraled staircase located in the center of the house. The stairs lead to the tower, which is my room. You may not like what you see, but rest assured, I will return shortly after you.”
“Go. And don’t speak to anyone, just go and wait.”


She takes the items and her drink, swerves in between people all the way through the house; until she finds the heart of the house, where the spiral staircase stands.
Round and round she goes, all the way up to the redwood door. She takes the key, unlocks the door, removes the latch, and uses her shoulder to push the door open.


The door opens into a massive room painted blood red. Lit candles lie on the walls and surround the room. All of the furniture is made of rich wood and is nicely polished. On the right side of the room is a big black caldron with something bubbling and steaming inside.
The left side of the room is lined with books and has a brick fireplace in the center of the back wall with a comfortable fire going. Diagonally sitting from the fireplace on the oval rug are two maroon over-chairs; with a beastly figure sitting in one of them, reading a book.
He pulls down his book and looks over his glasses at her, smiles; showing his fangs; and puts the book down, “Oh, well hello. Have a seat if you wish.”
He looks like a lion, but clean cut, sits upright, and wears a suit and glasses.
“Who are you?” She asks.
“My name is Lionel. Please, have a seat.” He gestures to the other chair.
She cautiously moves toward the chair, “What’s going on?”
“Nothing, just a conversation.”
She sits, “Well, what are you?”
“Just someone looking for good company.”
“Is Fitch coming soon? He said he was.”
“That depends on if you’re here when he gets back.”
She gets a scared look her face, “What is that supposed to mean?”
“Well, if you can’t stand my company, then you won’t want to wait around for him any longer. Will you?”
“I’d just find him and tell him to come quicker.”
“No, if you can’t wait, then he has no interest in you. That’s why he sent you here in the first place.”
She pulls out the egg, “What’s this for?”
“I’ve never been sure,” he takes it from her and eats it, “but I like them.”
She shakes her head, “This is just too weird. I just wanted to have sex with Fitch. Not hang out with a beast. You’re right, I can’t wait.”
He puts his head down, “I understand. You’re just like all the others. Can’t even enjoy the company of a gentle beast. Always looks over personality.”
She goes toward the door, “I’m sorry. I’m sure you’re great, but I really don’t want to get to know you.”
Her back gets to the opening of the door, and the beast says, “Very well.”
Fitch appears right behind her at the door, and pushes her in. She screams, he shoves the door, and the latch drops. 
All that is left is darkness, sounds of growling, chomping, screams of pain and horror, and Fitch’s evil laughter echoing through the hollow bloody walls.