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Austin Film Meet


10 Reasons Why Actors Should Never Stop Practicing Their Craft


"If you’re an actor, a serious actor, you should already know that you have to keep practicing if you want to continue into it as a profession. Acting is not just being yourself and reading words, it’s a skill that you have, and like any other skill in the world, you have to stay on top of it in order for it to remain constant.


I learned to ride a bike a long time ago, but since I haven’t done it in for so long, I’m scared I forgot how to do it properly and not fall down, and I certainly can’t start off by riding with one arm on the handlebars like I used to, and so, the phrase “it’s like riding a bike” comes to play quite well in the scenario."


Interview with Guy Goldstein, Creator of WriterDuet


"As a screenplay writer, people often ask, “What is the best writing software to use?” I respond with my usual answer “WriterDuet”. Others also suggest Celtx or recommend Final Draft. Personally, I’m not sure what other writing software is out there, because I stopped at WriterDuet. It’s the only thing any writer needs to make scripts, and it beats out Celtx and Final Draft hands down.


The interface is laid out in a very easy to use and organized way. It can even format to anything, so, if you want to use Celtx or Final Draft for whatever reason, it can help you transfer scripts back and forth."


13 Do's and Don'ts of Actor Casting Call Submissions


After posting a casting call not long ago, I discovered that many beginning actors may not know the best way to go about submitting themselves for roles in films, commercials, plays, etc. As an actor, one might assume that everyone with a passion for acting would stay up to date on proper etiquette in submitting headshots and resumes to prospective “employers”, but it seems that’s a wrong assumption. So, I’m here to help.


The term “employers” is used loosely because acting gigs are not always paying gigs. Whether you are being paid for your acting abilities or not, you should always take every opportunity seriously and professionally. 


Here’s a list of common DO’s and DON’T’s when submitting for an acting role.



Movie Pilot (Creators.Co)


13 Movies That Need A Reboot


"Some movie remakes turn out great, and some don't. There are a handful of movies I don't want to be remade, and shouldn't be remade, but I won't talk about those because I don't want anyone getting any stupid ideas. Yes you, Hollywood! But since you insist on "saving money" by remaking movies you already own (sleazy SOBs), and not looking for original work (I personally have some original work that needs developing ;), I compiled a list of thirteen movies that I will allow you to consider rebooting, but you must make it better in some way."


Mad Max: Fury Road Review


"This is a review after the reviews. Many people have already reviewed this film, but I felt the need to do the same because I believe this is a really great film that must be expressed for all to see. If you haven't yet contributed to the $15 million box office film, then you should and I will tell you why.


I must say at the beginning that I did not make it through all of "Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome" before seeing this movie, and I still haven't seen it to this date. Also, I have seen most of "Mad Max: The Road Warrior", but it was the night after seeing "Fury Road, and I haven't seen any of the first film, "Mad Max". That's just another reason why this film is great because I understood and enjoyed everything about this film without seeing its predecessors. "Mad Max: Fury Road" is an amazing stand alone film."


Greatest Movie Soundtracks


"Music plays a very important part in our lives and in our movies. I'm not talking about scores, which are great, or musicals, which are enjoyable too, but the way songs can be incorporated into films can be implanted into your brain in amazing ways. At one point you hear a certain song and are instantly taken back to a particular scene in a movie. Music and songs can fit the feel, vibe, and flow of a movie perfectly, as if it's another character in the story. Music plays more of a part in our movie evolution today than ever before.


That being said, a list has been compiled of movies that have the greatest soundtracks to date. Once you've read this it will be more clear and you won't be able to contain yourself to go back and watch these movies while paying more attention to the use of music. I will be posting links to soundtracks with the complete list of songs, a video for a quick reference, and brief details of why the film was chosen."


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Reasons DC Will Beat Marvel in Universal Movie Battle


"With all the DC movie hype going on, I just have to put in my two cents with everyone. I love this fight DC and Marvel are having in TV and film, and their universe of characters and stories. I'm so excited about all of this that my girlfriend could agree she's tired of hearing my rants. Now, I'm off to rant with you other movie goers who love to talk and discuss movies.


I could see this battle between universes going either way, and there's so many different things about each that are great, but right now I'm putting money on DC. I've enjoyed Marvel and still enjoy Marvel entertainment, but I'm bias to Batman. Pretty much the only thing I know about DC is Batman, and it seems a majority would agree with me. But DC is now using Batman and this universal battle to start something better and different from Marvel. I'll tell you why "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" and "Suicide Squad" will ignite the flame for a great movie universe."


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Why Warner Bros. Extends Ben Affleck's Contract as Batman


"Recent News has come that Warner Bros. has extended Ben Affleck's contract, and pushed back other Affleck movies (non-Batman) because they loved the rough cut for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The cut apparently got a standing ovation. This news does not surprise me, and I'm here to tell you why Ben Affleck will, in fact, be the “definitive Batman”, and why BvS will be an awesome Batman film."


Best Michael Keaton Movies


"In celebration of Michael Keaton's 64th birthday, I compiled a list of his best movies to watch today. I was surprised to see that he only has 45 acting credits, yet he is an idol to many people. He has a wonderful way of capturing amazing and memorable characters. Many of his movies had some sort of great impact in different ways in my life, and I'm sure that's true for many others as well."


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When DC Meets Marvel: Avengers + Justice League Assemble


I previously wrote an article about DC beating Marvel in the movie universe battle. Writing about DC beating Marvel was simply to be different than all the other articles, get some views, and for me to talk about Batman. I agree with a lot of people with the idea that neither one will beat the other in the long run, and we all ultimately really want to see Marvel and DC join forces to make all comic/superhero movie nerds fantasies come true.


In light of the thought with a DC and Marvel crossover movie, I created a list of heroes from both sides that should team up for the first DC/Marvel universe live feature.


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Jim Carrey Trivia


I don't know about you guys, but I'm a huge Jim Carrey fan. Sure his career has had its ups and downs, but almost every celebrity has had it happen at some point, and some come out on top right after (I'm lookin' at you Robert Downey Jr.). Jim Carrey truly is an amazing actor, extremely funny, entertaining, and genuinely a wonderful human being.


I decided to make a trivia post that can be considered a non-lyrical "ode", of sorts, to Jim Carrey. Some things one might already know, if not, then you are able to learn something new about this great person.

25 Great Movie to Watch Leading to Christmas

The season is just around the corner. Decorations are being put out, Christmas music plays, chills have come in, people have possibly lost limbs buying items on sale and movie marathons will soon start. I'm not much of a holiday person, but I love the movies of the season. I've come up with a list of movies to watch for your own marathon of sorts.

Some movies are about or pertain to Christmas, and others happen during the holidays. 25 movies means one movie to watch each day leading up to Christmas. Perhaps there will be a few that will surprise you, but some are such great classics one can't help but put them on the list. I'm not setting precedence or importance in the order placement of my selections, but these are just some of my favorite movies to watch during this time.

Batman v Superman: Battle of Fans and Critics

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is pulling in all sorts of diverse reviews. Most critics don't like it, most fans love it and others between think it's so-so. If you haven't seen the movie because of critic reviews, then you're ignorant. If you haven't seen it based on reviews that you didn't even actually read,and just look at the rating they give, then you're just plain dumb.

I read reviews before seeing the movie because I didn't really care about the final opinion since I was going to see it no matter what. I read executives gave it a standing ovation on the first screening, then after the premiere critics started ripping it apart for various and commonly ridiculous reasons. I saw the movie and made my own judgement, then read more reviews and I think they are all kinds of jacked up.

While I give my in depth breakdown and review (WITH SPOILERS!), I'm going to integrate some critic reviews to point out how they are wrong, ignorant or simply have no reasonable grounding for their harsh rating.

10 Best Movie Music Composers

Watching a movie would never be the same without music being perfectly placed in the background of the film. Music brings so much more depth and feeling to the movies we watch and some people don't appreciate it enough, or enjoy it more than they realize. The music can be its own separate layer of storytelling, which is why many people love listening to scores of beloved films of our times. I'm listing my top ten movie music composers and how they have effected me in my life of loving films.

Suicide Squad Fan Review

Critics have voiced their opinion on Suicide Squad, and now fans will do the same. I have to say I was shocked when I started reading reviews of the movie from critics, but it didn't keep me from seeing it. I had already bought my tickets. I began to get worried when I heard things like “boring”, “plot sucks”, “cliche”, “choppy editing”, “flashbacks in weird spots” and “lamest villain since Sharon Stone in Catwoman” (super harsh whoever you are). I'm a DC fan (I like Marvel too) and I didn't agree with any of those comments after viewing the movie with my girlfriend.

I must also say that I was disappointed with reviews on Batman v Superman before I saw it, and I disagreed on that one too. Read my review of that here. But I disagree with critics even more on this movie, which means I actually enjoyed Suicide Squad more than BvS (*sigh* there I said it). By the way, the Ultimate Edition of BvS is a lot better.

There are some really good moments and some disappointing moments in the movie, but the positive aspects outweigh the negatives three to one. Be aware, SPOILERS AHEAD.

Sick Day Movies to Get You Through the Slump

We all have those sick days where we feel like utter crap and all we want to do is rest and watch movies. Sometimes we want to watch something that will uplift us to make us feel better. Other times you may want the whole world to feel just as bad as you do right now, or maybe you like to think about the meaning of life while you're doped up on cold medicine. Either way, you're lucky I have eclectic taste in movies and have found some movies where everyone can find at least one movie to watch. You may only be able to watch one movie anyway because you'll keep dozing off, or maybe you just called in "sick" because you really want to just binge watch movies. Heck, I understand. I've been there and I have options for all of the above scenarios.

These are not ordered from worst to best or anything, but merely bunched together in similarities. My favorite feel good sick day movies tend to be animation because I feel like a kid who needs to be babied when I'm ill. I don't feel that way often, so, I try to take advantage of some rewards. That being said, I'm starting with animated movies, then going into real uplifting movies, to dramatic, yet positive movies, and ending with various other types.