Short Plays

Full versions. Please contact me if you wish to produce.

Circled in Red


Story by Sarah McKinney.


Produced and performed at SFA in '07, directed by Sarah McKinney. It was produced and performed again at Hyde Park Theatre for FronteraFest in '10 in their Short Fringe category.


This script I have tweaked and formatted for a short film, and I'm also looking to format this script as a TV Pilot. You can read a bit more about the TV idea in the "Series" category.


---Sam meets up with his friends at a bar. During this meeting Sam recieves advice on his girlfriend, and what to expect during stages of PMS. Due to a surprise guest, they begin to wonder if PMS is the problem.




Produced and perfromed at The Hyde Park Theare for FronteraFest in '10. Directed by Josh Nanninga and Alana Anthony.


---Benson tries to deal with the loss of his wife Angelica. This is an unnatural love story that could only happen "once in a blue moon". He tries to rid himself of guilt, and magically bring back the one he can’t live without.


Life is a Dream Within a Dream


---A lonely boy fixes his sadness through his dreams, instead of talking with someone about his problems.


That's What Friends Do


---A college girl and guy have been best friends for years, and he is in love with her, but never does anything about it. She doesn't notice or feel the same way about him. She then becomes pregnant after being raped, and asks her best friend a very difficult question, and drama ensues.