Short Film Scripts

Some links have full version scripts, and others have sample pages because I'm still making revisions, and/or wanting to put it into future production.


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If you wish to help put something into production, feel free to contact me for the full script and a discussion.


Thank You

Full version- Film available to the public

WGAW Registered

Produced and accepted to the Texas Independent Film Festival in 2012.


Genre- Silent, Instrumental, Drama, Inspirational

Characters- 4 Males, 3 Females, 2 Dogs

Locations- Commercial Kitchen, Neighborhood, Park, 3 Apartments/Houses


Synopsis- This 15 minute silent film about a man, Jack, who is broke and hungry, sets out to find food. He gets food by helping someone, then works for more food as a trade, and receives concrete gratification. He comes across other people throughout the day who are in need of some form of help, which he provides, in return they offer trades, and exchange gratitude. Jack realizes that "a life helping others is a life worth living".

It's a film that expresses "actions speak louder than words". It starts black and white, but color comes in to show fulfillment in Jack's life, until we end in all color. The music behind this heartfelt film is sure to help push your warm and fuzzy buttons.


Interview with a Woman

Full Version- Film in Post Production

WGAW Registered


Genre- Comedy

Characters- 2 Males, 1 Female

Location- Office


SynopsisChester is having personal issues in his life, and seeks help to change it. He lands an interview with Alice who works at a company that could, at least, give him some hope for positive progress.


Batteries Not Included

One Page Sample

Genre- Comedy

Characters- 1 Young Male, 1 Middle Aged Male, 1 Police Officer Type, Extras: Neighbor, 2 Kids, 1 Middle Aged Female

Locations- House, Apartment, Neighborhood


Synopsis- Based on the True News Headline: "Florida man breaks into house
to pleasure himself, however gets distracted by remote controlled helicopter". 


Chase tries to apologize to a family and possibly get charges against him dropped, but in doing so, he gets caught in a similar situation and makes things worse for the family.


Immunity Time

Full Version- Film not scheduled. I wrote it for fun and possible sketch.


Genre- Comedy

Characters- 6 Males, 2 Females

Location- Apartment


Synopsis- Mr. Nasler and Miss Eyes must find help to defeat the evil Allergy.


Stalker Love

Full Version- Film not scheduled and still in revisions. I wrote it for competition.


Genre- Romantic Comedy

Characters- 1 Young-Middle Aged Male, 1 Young-Middle Aged Female

Location- Taxi, Open Green Observation Spot


Synopsis- Deanna is taxi driver who has been watching business executive, Roger, for sometime and has decided that today is the day she makes him notice her.


Circled In Red

One Page Sample- Avaliable for Production.


Genre- Comedy

Characters- 4 Young-Middle Aged Males, 2 Young-Middle Aged Females, Extras

Location- 1-4 Apartments (Can change 1 to look like 4 differentones), Bar


Synopsis- Sam meets up with his friends at a bar for their monthly Beersday" meeting. During this meeting Sam receives advice on his girlfriend and what to expect during stages of PMS. After Sam's girlfriend shows up at the bar, the guys begin to wonder if PMS is actually the problem.



One Page Sample- Avaliable for Production.


Genre- Drama, Fantasy

Characters- 1 Middle Aged Male. 1 Middle Aged Female, 1  Any Range, a Few Extras

Locations- Cemetery, Large House, Roads, Car


Synopsis- This poetically told unnatural love story is about a man that does something that can only happen "once in a blue moon" in order to rid himself of guilt, and "magically" bring to life the blue rose angel woman he loved and can’t live without.


Hope Stuck

One Page Sample- Available for Production.


Genre- Sci-Fi, Romantic Comedy

Characters- 1 Young-Middle Aged Male and 1 Young-Middle Aged Female

Locations- An Apartment


Synopsis- Similar to "The Twilight Zone", this story shows a woman using the power of words to bind a man to never leaving the apartment in a place know as "The Relationship Zone".


T.I.V.D. (formally 'Pandemic')

Sample Pages- Available for Production.


Genre- Sci-fi, Thriller, Dark Comedy, Horror

Characters- 2 Young Males, 1 Older Male, 1 Middle Aged African Male, 3-4 Middle Aged Males, 1-2 Middle Aged Females

Locations- Airport, Hospital, Doctor's Office, Apartment, Empty Room, Bus, Quarantine Camp


Synopsis- Dan contracts a viral disease upon his arrival back home, but once he goes to the doctor his life dramatically changes and he discovers a dark secret.

It was placed #13 Coverfly's Red List for Sci-Fi Shorts in the month of May.

Submissions: 5

























Life on the Sun

One Page Sample- Available for Production.


Genre- Sci-Fi, Fantasy

Characters- 1-2 Middle Aged Males, 2 Middle Aged Females, 1 Older Male, 2 Children

Locations- The Sun, House on the Sun, Earth Hospital Room


Synopsis- Martin Biggers lives on the sun and has never slept or had dreams, until today. His roommate, Angela Bigger, brings him the power to dream, and she helps him obtain his dream of going to Earth.


A Berry Merry Christmas

One Page Sample- Available for Production.


Genre- Dark Comedy

Characters- 1 Young Male, 1 Young Female, 2 Middle Aged Males, 1 Older Male

Locations- 1-2 Fast Food Restaurants, 1 House


Synopsis- Robert tries to rid his burger restaurant of an obnoxious homeless man in order to bring more business during the holiday season.


We Need a Hero

One Page Sample- Still in Writing.


Genre- Romantic Comedy, Drama

Characters- 1 Middle Aged Female, 3 Middle Aged Males, 1 Older Male, 1 Older Female

Locations- 1 Apartment, 1 Office, 1 Bar/StripClub, Convention Center


Synopsis- A single mom that juggles multiple jobs has a comic fanboy son that says they need a hero, then they meet a writer who creates them.


Fishing for Love

One Page Sample- Needs Lots of Revisions.


Genre- Comedy, Drama

Characters- 1 Young Male, 1 Old Male, and 1 Old Female

Locations- 1 Dock/Pier


Synopsis- Buddy gets advice about women from his grandfather who relates to the situation the only way he knows how, by fishing.


Depressing Complications

One Page Sample- Still Needs Revisions.


Genre- Drama

Characters- 3 Young Males, 2 Young Females, 1 Middle Aged-Old Male

Locations- 1 House, 1 Hospital Room


Synopsis- A lonely and depressed college guy thinks he's met the woman of his dreams, but discovers she isn't real, and though his attempt at suicide fails, it changes his life completely.


Red Truck of Rage

One Page Sample - Still Needs Revisions


Genre- Horror

Characters- 3 Middle Aged Males, 1 Young Female, 1 Person Over 18 Any Gender

Locations- 1 House, Driveway, Cove Road, 3 Vehicles (1 Old Red Truck), Hill and Cliff Road, 1 Garage/Body Shop, 1 Small Room, Interstate Highway


Synopsis- A woman loses a little control of her rage on the highway and soon discovers she pissed off an even bigger road rager.


Submissions: 2

Extraction of Light

Sample Pages - Available for Production


Genre- Horror, Sci-Fi

Characters- 1 Young Male (20s), 1 Young Female (20s), 1 Older Male (50s), 1 Older Female (50s), 1 Old Female (80s), 4 Creatures

Locations- 1 House, a Car, and a Cornfield.


Synopsis- A purehearted missonary crashes, then seeks help from a nearby home as they celebrate a birthday, but he doesn't realize they think he's the perfect sacrifice.

I won 3rd Place in the NYC Midnight Screenwriting Competition in 2016 with this script, which advanced me to the Semi-Finals.

Submissions: 4




Head of State

Still Revising

Genre- Horror, Supernatural, Satanic, Political

Characters- 1 Male (40s), 1 Male (60s), 2 Males (20s+), 1 Bearded and Tan Skinned Male (20s), 5 Any Gender (20s+), 2 Radio Voice/Announcer, Crowds, Police Officers.

Location- Convention Center, Conference Room/Press Room, Car, High Rise Hotel, Outside High Capacity Ceremonial Area, Apartment, Office, Satanic Room, Undercover Police Car, Interrogation Room.

Synopsis- An evil politician has a demonic plan to defeat his adversary and win the Head of State position.

This was my Semi-Final Script Submission for NYC Midnight 2016.

Dairy Gnomes

Still Revising

Genre- Fairy Tale, Fantasy, Family, Animated (?)



Synopsis- To protect their farm from trolls, gnomes must team with an
unlikely character.

Europa Project

Still Revising

Genre- Horror, Historical Fiction, Sci-Fi



Synopsis- In the 1970's an aquaculture farm implements Europa samples from NASA into an experimental GMO project, which takes a turn for the worst.

Redneck Mafia

Still Writing

Genre- Comedy, Crime, Teen


Location- Southeast Texas

Synopsis- A high school boy new to the small Texas town asks a girl to prom, but must have dinner with her mafia family first.

True Colors


Genre- Sci-fi, Political, Thriller, Drama



Synopsis- Activist citizens are hunted by an organization because of the color they choose to wear.

Alien Perception


Genre- Sci-fi, Political Satire, Comedy

Characters- 2 White Males 30s, 1 White Male 50s, 1 White Male 70s, 1 Green Alien, 1 White Male 10, 1 Any Gender and Ethnicity 30s-60s, A Few Agents

Location- Southern Border of U.S., Apartment, Outer Space, White House, Oval Office

Synopsis- A patriotic citizen travels through time to stop an alien attack on the President, but things aren't what they seem and doesn't play out as expected.

A Killer Romance


Genre- Comedy, Romance, Horror, Thriller, Dark Romance

Characters- 5 Adult Males, 1 Male Child (Alien shape-shifter), 4 Adult Women, Student and Dancer Extras

Location- Int. Apartment, Int./Ext. Classroom, Int./Ext. Dance Studio, Int./Ext. Car (2), Ext. Building, Int. Office, Int./Ext. House, Int.'Ext. Restaurant

Synopsis- An assassin school drop out tries to make it on his own as a killer, but falls for his first victim.