In this section are series ideas I have and samples of some.


Shadow Rouge


Story and Co-written by T.E. Sanders.


--- It is set in future Austin, Texas, but in this future they live in a Western like world and a high tech world. Those with authority, power, and greed have the technology, and the rest live in a old western civilization with no technology. It's a constant civil war at hand. Ziga is a war prisoner in this future, and his friends try to help him escape his prison, but end up sending him back in time to the present day in Austin, TX. Ziga also has a very high tech gun with him while he travels in time. Chili is a rookie police officer in present day Austin, TX and witnesses Ziga's arrival. Chili chases after Ziga to capture him. While chasing Ziga, Chili realizes that Ziga is also being searched for by The Warden and his robotic V-Guards sent from the future to arrest Ziga. After Chili and Ziga get away from the guards the first time, they partner together to fight the present to change the past. 


It's like the TV show "Revolution" meets "Terminator".



Submissions - 7

--- Series Logline


Xander Hoffpauer pursues the final stages of culinary school by carrying out an externship through a local catering company in Austin, TX. During his time at the company he realizes that it is the perfect job for him and he wants to “learn his way up the ladder” to eventually owning a business.


Series Summary


Xander Hoffpauer, an optimistic, idealistic daydreamer pursues his final stages of culinary school by carrying out an externship through a local catering company, The Fancy Fork. As he begins working for the company, he's thrown into entertaining chaos and drama. Throughout his time there he realizes some jobs are better learned by experience, rather than education, people are crazy and funny, and that his job can be exciting. At the end of every season he is promoted to a different position in order to gain more experience and eventually own his own company.


























































































Untitled Sketch Comedy Show


--- A Sketch comedy show for TV or the Web. I love sketch comedy and want to do a show, but haven't come up with a set group of people to work with or a designated category. I know that I'd like it all to be Texas based sketch comedy. You can read a sample of a sketch of mine by reading "Immunity Time" located in my Short Films section, or watch some Texas Anchor sketches I've filmed and an "In Living Color" audition I did. You can see video sketches at my acting website here. Just go to the site, and click the "Videos" tab, scroll down, and you'll see them.


Untitled Relationship Zone Show


--- A series connected by stories of relationships. Like "The Twilight Zone", and new show "Black Mirror" but not as dark and twisted all the time. There would be dark moments as well as light comedic moments.  Some examples could be "Hope Stuck" and "Interview with a Woman" that can be found in my Short Films section. The show can have different characters and locations constantly.




---Four guys meet at a bar once a week to tell stories, but instead of just telling stories they are shown. This has four to five main characters and a main location, with some reoccurring characters and locations, along with options for special guest appearances. An example of a pilot episode would be "Circled in Red" located in my "Short Films" section, or read the play version in the "Short Play" section.

Spirit Islands


Submissions: 2

This is based on my feature script 'Diva Heart', which stemmed from a short story I wrote. I've come to realize how much detail I've been putting into the background and the characters. I also have a hard time ending the feature without leaving it open for sequels. So, I've been developing it to have a series form. That being said, the Pilot Episode is written. Actually, 2.5 episodes are written.


Series Logline:


A cyber sleuth on a dystopian island uses his new powers against transcendental villains who seek to control, possibly, the last city on Earth.


Pilot Episode: Diva Heart and the Heart Stealers


Episode Logline:


When a man's heart is cut from his chest, an old-school detective is hired to seek out a devious femme fatale, who happens to have plans of transformation for him.

Spec Scripts


These are scripts I've written for T.V. Shows that are or were airing.

Gotham (Season2)

"I'm No Dummy" (Episode Name)


---Arnold Wesker's parents are killed, and no one suspects the meek and timid man until they discover there's a darkness in him and his Ventriloquism. All the while, Penguin tries to rid Gotham of Falcone's dynasty and Edward falls deeper into darkness.