A List of Poems.

Here's a list of poems I've written over the course of 10+ years.




An English Sonnet

Loneliness and despair are on their way
through my ever questing, wandering life.
I’ve been anxiously awaiting the day,
to discover, embrace, my future wife.
I’ve sympathized with so many others,
looking for the same old magical thing:
attraction, warmth from another;
Not some meaningless and lust ridden fling.
When the radiant white gem is in reach,
black oppressive misery swiftly stains
happiness. Safety is what we all search 
for, but sharp, agonizing pain remains.
I yearn to find that one great emotion,
blood rush that will set love in motion.


Magic 8-Ball


A man with thoughts swirling in his head
takes a blank prism and holds it in the tips
of his fingers, he feels every edge.
On one side he puts thoughts
of love: The wanting for it,the sound of it,
the meaning of love, the red lust, purple passion,
moonlight kisses, and dancing with the stars.
On another side he places thoughts of life:
His future, what’s right, what's wrong, the wonder
of why people do the things they do.
He must put money on. The way it pays for everything,
how it can actually buy happiness and materialistic things,
and how green is the color of greed.
He thinks of having fun. Being able to do what he wants
and willing to take all the consequences,but work always has to be shared
with having fun. Finally, he puts the challenges of the day.
Dead lines that need to be met, family problems, his exhaustion,
red lights and stupid people.
He places the thought-full prism
in the empty black 8-Ball with the blue oily liquid.
He closes it, and the ball begins to shake in the palms
of his hands. It stops and turns it over. Like magic, it reads,
“Try Again Later.”
He shakes it again and again.
All the time, every time, the same answer.
He can never stop his mind from tossing thoughts around.


Kiss You When It Rains


I’ve had troubles on my way,
On my way through life.
I struggle to find that something
That so many people found.
I know there are others like me
Searching all around

And when it seems to be in reach,
The misery and loneliness stains

We all search for happiness
Within our lives and in ourselves.
Struggle to find that one thing
That’s hidden from our eyes.
If I could just see right through
I would never die.

If I could have what love can bring
That would mean everything,
To me.

Somehow the rain seems to help me
Washes my worries and my pain.
As the rain falls I can see,
There’s an understanding with me,
And the rain.

The rain drowns away my sorrows,
To another place.
It carried me through tomorrow,
Until I saw your face

You make me happy like the rain,
You can make me sane.
My happiness trickles through,
Only when I’m with you..

I wanna kiss you when it rains.
Then I can feel complete.
I wanna kiss you when it rains.
Feel the happiness inside of me.
Kiss you when it rains,
Let my dreams come to be.
Kiss you when it rains,
Fill the happiness inside of me.

Wash our minds and clear our fears,
Happiness and love are here.
Feel the rain cover us,
At the lips connect through us.

Let our bodies soak it up:
Everything that’s flowing through.

I saw this in my dreams,
I can’t believe it’s happening to me.

This is like a dream come true.
Let the rain flow on through.
Happiness and love pours down.
I only want to be with you.

Now you’re the one who knows me.
You can understand me.
You have my heart, you have my soul.
Let our love forever flow.

Live our life and have no fear,
In the rain our mind is clear.

I wanna kiss you when it rains.
Then I can feel complete.
I wanna kiss you when it rains.
Feel the happiness inside of me.
Kiss you when it rains,
Let my dreams come to be.
Kiss you when it rains,
Fill the happiness inside of me.

Kiss you when it rains.
Feel the love flow through us.
Kiss you when it rains.
Have happiness and the trust.
Kiss you when it rains.
At the lips connect through us.


Mind and Body


There is a place high into the sky.
A place where you can see the rise and set of the sun.
See all the beautiful colors the sun emits:
blue, pink, orange, and purple,
clouds clutter ever so nicely.
The moon shines bright and full,
stars twinkle and dance in the sky.

This is the place where my dreams and mind lay.
I’ve made my home there, I’ve make my bed
high above the world and all the people in it.
My heart and soul live there too.

My body lies between

My body reaches for the rest of me.
I’m pulled, my face in shock and horror.
I’m giving in to the ways of the world.
Little by little, pieces of my heart come to me,
fragments of my mind come after.
I manage to keep my soul there.
Struggling to put every piece back together in the puzzled sky
so that my body can finally fit in,
but the gravity of the world, tugs at the soul.
I refuse to let it go!

Help me put the pieces back.
So many questions, so many ways, so many different things.
Some say yes, some say no
but I say maybe.
Do I give in to the world?

Do I give in to the world and everyone in it?
I stare at the sky and wonder.
The clouds encircle the spot my eyes lie.
My hopes, dreams, wishes.
My home is still in sight.
Showing me there's still a path, still a way.
Don’t give up and don’t give in.
Keep hoping, keep wishing, and always dreaming.
Reach higher, and Push harder.
Soon I will reach my dreams, be home, live up high,
and prove once and for all
there are many different roads,
Some bumpy, some cloudy,
hard and winding,
but they all still lead you home.

My Soul is there.
My body and heart is here.
But I only have half a mind.


Land of Acidius


I pace around the room furiously
Hold my head tight, and pull on my hair
Thoughts and emotions swirl around mind and body
Stress and struggle fills me up
Darkness falls upon me
I feel I’ve lost touch with my inner self
Something is missing from me, from my soul
There must be a way to regain connection with life
Life is hard and still
I must find myself, find my drive and purpose
Be connected once again with myself and the world around

I hear that the land of Acidius exists
The place where all connections lie
A beautiful world
The world that lies beneath the one I and everyone live in
One that anyone can see, but you have to be ready and willing to grasp
One drop of a magic potion will send you on a journey of a lifetime
A self discovery adventure

I take the trip

In this wondrous land many things take place
You see things for what they really are
Dark things are darker, colors are brighter
Everything is intense, but not too much, just enough
All things have constant motion:
The trees sway slightly, flowers bloom over and over again
They all move as one, they are all one
I sit and melt into the ground, bringing us together
There are defined patterns and outlines everywhere
There are paths and traces for it all:
A cigarette is flicked, and a line of fire flows behind it, until it stops on a surface; one hand waves, and many hands follow
I hear moving music and feel it deep inside, and changes my emotions and sight
Everything is great
I smile and laugh constantly at what I see and feel
I take in the emotions and thoughts of people around me and feel the need to help
Try and make them as happy as I am, finally
Water is my gasoline, as it should be
I have he ability to reason out all my thoughts from before and set things in stone
I’ve lost almost all touch with physical reality
I’m in the place that “God” really created
I’ve been there the whole time, but never really saw it, until now
“It is so real”
I say while standing in awe of a tree under a light

Once my mind is nice and comfortable, my physical body is able to be manipulated
I can feel every muscle in my body
I have complete feeling and control over every inch
Stretching all, long and hard, gives me a boost
It’s a powerful control
I look myself over as if I’m a new person in a new body
I am
Places in my mind that were once detached, now flow as one
As all things do
“Know Thyself” repeats
I do now
I understand myself, and all things around
I speak with animals, as they do me, without words being spoken

I am complete, and happy

Until the world darkens my spirits once again
In which case, I shall travel to the amazing land of Acidius again
To regain control over life.


Dificulty Climbing Mountains


The Mountain of Life lies dead ahead.
I strap on my pack,
clipping and clicking everything together.
Making sure I have plenty of support and safety.
I place my foot on the base, and it slides with the rocks,
back down to flat ground.
I look up the incline and realize just how far it is and how hard it will be to reach the peak,
but I have to do it, have to make it, and be king of the mountain.
My eyes widen, I release a deep breath, and place my hand in a small crevasse.
I begin to climb.
 it’s tough at first,
muscles pulling, hands clenching, and feet implanting.
As I go further, getting a steady pace, it seems like everything gets easier.
After time, I get sore from all the stress and weight of the world on my shoulders;
that’s what I have hidden in my pack.
That’s why I need to reach the top,
that’s what motivates me to keep going.
A rock falls on my helmet, and drops me a few feet down.
I hold still on the side of the gigantic mountain and shake it off.
My vision seems off balance, and my head throbs a bit,
but I continue straining to the top.
If I stop, rest, relax, or slip; it will hurt much more to hit rock bottom ,
than to persevere through the hardships that slam into me.
Everythings got more testing for me.
I reach a short distance past the spot of the first incident and
My foot slips, bringing me down a little.
I keep going, with ropes getting snagged, debris covering my eyes, and the thought of looking down getting in my way.
I refuse to look down, because I might miss something coming at me,
which would bring me further down than ever before.
Maybe even to the point of thinking this wasn’t worth the trouble,
and then letting go, but that would kill me, and destroy the item on my back.
I strategically begin to dodge objects, avoid the dust, and move up the mountain faster.
I become stronger, quicker, and stable; to where nothing phases me anymore.
The tip of the mountain is in plain sight.
My arm reaches the peak.
The rope is stuck toward the bottom, or I misjudged the distance and length ran out;
I tug and tug and it, but nothing moves, nothing is released, I’m stuck in the spot.
I wrap one arm around the top, and use the other to remove the pack,
wedge it between me and the mountainside, unzip, and take out the purpose for the struggle.
The glassy looking sphere has blue and green darkened colors.
My face tenses with the effort of placing the world at the high point,
but I make it. The world falls into place, the colors get brighter,
so bright I can hear the light beaming.
It begins to spin and glow; I hear a choir singing in the back of my head.
My rope loosens and a plateau forms from the mountain under my feet.
I can sit, rest, and relax comfortably without the worry of dropping down.
My goal and purpose has been accomplished.
And it was all worth it.
All there is to do now is watch the world go around shining,
and wait for someone to find me.


Defend the Light


A Villanelle Poem

Join me as a solider of light,
I can keep the promise of day,
fight against warriors of night.

Darkness will shadow your clear sight,
but stay straight and strong on your way.
Join me as a solider of light.

They steal your blood and give you blight,
but others of light wait . They
fight against warriors of night.

Dark has broken the truce. Tonight
we wage war to defend the day. 
Join me as a solider of light.

Take my hand in yours, hold it tight
and close by my side you should stay.
Fight against warriors of night.

The chalk of fate will mark what’s right
we hold it and write our way.
Join me as a solider of light.
Fight against warriors of night.




He hears his feet on the sidewalk,
feels the warmth of the sun,
the coolness of the breeze upon his face.

The crosswalk beeps, tires squeal,
a hard shove comes on his legs.
There’s a loud crash
followed by pieces of broken glass.

His body hits the pavement hard,
blood fills his mouth and everything’s a blur.
He struggles for air,
reaches out for someone,
his heart beats slower, then
his hand falls.


Bower Bird Blues


The iridescent Blue Satin Bower
Bird makes a place to bring a female, so
that they can mate. He gathers twigs, leaves, moss,
many materials to build a mating
place. Some make an archway and some may even
build a small tree. It all depends on his
style and nature. He meticulous
-ly places the twigs in their place. He goes
back over, checking to make sure it’s
what he wants. He gathers berries, feathers,
shells, and anything else he can find left
around that will help his place look and feel
more beautiful and set the mood. He will
use them for decorations on the walls
or on the ground. Delicately placing
blue leaves to build a bed. He spends many
months making his love place, then goes out to
seduce the female and bring her back to
investigate. She looks round, but never
goes in unless she plans to mate. He struts
and sings to impress her and show off his
masterpiece. Some females stay and some go.
Most prefer older more experienced
bower birds. Younger bower birds have a
single mate from dozens of visitors.

He uses his love and creativity
to build a place to impress, and yet he
still sings the blues. He is blue all over. His
feathers, his place, and his name are all blue.
The Satin Bower Bird is much like people,
or at least one person who sings the blues.


Wandering Man


There is a man.
That wanders through unknown places.
He wanders here and there,
Never knowing where he goes next.
Wanders into places I don’t know,
Places I’ve never thought.
I try to talk to him.
He never listens.
He listens to everyone but me.
He lives in the light with the clouds,
Places I only dream.
He needs to be calm.
Needs to stay put.
He continues to run around.
Runs as if racing to get somewhere.
How can he get to one place,
When he is all over the place?
I talk to him.
Others talk to him,
But yet he does what he wants.
Hardly ever stops to pay attention.
He hears,
He sees,
But still keeps running.
Is he running towards something?
Or is he running from something?
No matter, he ends in the right place.
But someone please help me,
Help me to control my mind.


Mystery Men


Who are these Mystery Men?
Both dressed in black,
both look the same.

One sits, never looking up,
never saying a word.
He constantly writes,
and is always in a thoughtful look.

The other stands beside him.
His head is always up
speaking to people,
and having fun.

You can see the wanting,
the yearning in his face.
Yearning to go out.
Seize the day!

But once he moves away from the other,
the other grabs his shoulder,
and gently pulls him back.
Pulls him and shakes his head.
He does this without words,
without looking up.
The other looks back,
lets out a sigh,
and stays at his side.

The one who writes knows best,
knows what should be done.
He knows that work and knowledge
is more important than having fun.

Other people surround them,
trying to make a change,
but the silent one is strong,
and never gives in.

I decide to approach them.
I stand in front of them,
stare blankly,
and realize.
They are exactly how I feel.


Four Seasons of Texas


(Four Haikus)

Leaves of all colors
fall and cover the ground, and
a gentle wind blows.

A cold hard breeze stings,
rain, not snow, sets on the ground,
and breath may be seen.

Rain pours and birds sing,
humidity rises, and
flowers bloom and blow.

The sun shines and burns,
rain falls unexpectedly,
the heat is awful.


Cycles of Romance


The table is prepared.The food is made.Candles are lit and wine is filled. A fantastic and wonderful night is just for you.

You arrive looking your best,and taunt me with those seductive eyes.It’s a lovely night, good conversation and great feelings.

My neighbor,and best friend,comes and barges in ruining our wonderful night.

And you don’t mind.

You enjoy his company, maybe even more than you enjoy mine.He talks to you smoothly, pretends he’s funny, then invites you over.

You say yes.

You say yes and neither one tell me.You say your leaving, he says you're leaving.You give him a look, then both leave.

You don’t leave.You stay. With him.

I made this wonderful night, spent all my time. And you leave with him,stay with him.

I got the shaft,I don’t know what to do.

My heart is grabbed.Squeezed with remains pushing through the gaps of fingers.

I breathe deeply and gain my composer. Can’t change free will. My time comes soon.


Fitting You


Knock at the door. I get up and answer.
It’s raining hard outside.
Your hair is perfect, the way it falls from the water.
Slowly drips from the tips.
Your eyes grab and pierce me, makes me feel the way the rain does:
Captivating to watch, relaxing, comforting, and familiar.
The water beads down your beautiful face with a sparkle, like your eyes.

It’s cold out in the dark rain.
I pull you in and hold you close, firmly and gently,
I rub your arms and back.

You gaze at me with those wondrous eyes.
I brush my hand on your cheek, your red wet lips are quivering.
I outline your bottom lip with my thumb to the center dip, and it glides to hold your chin.
I pull and lean in with my still dry lips,
and meet yours.
It seems like the most romantic thing.

I slowly pull your soaked shirt off.
You have no objections.
My hands glide down the back of your arms, and move to the small of you back,
I pull you in, and the kiss intensifies.
We feel the passion, the heat, tension.
I hold you close and tight.
We fit perfectly together.

Your kiss is as right as rain, soft as a rose, sweet as sugar.
A red juicy strawberry fitting seamlessly around my lips.
I can’t explain how your body, your skin, how you feel
As I stroke your shivering body.

Is this passion? Is this love? Desire, lust, fantasy?
A dream? Heaven or Hell?
Or all of the above?
Whatever it is, it doesn’t matter.
It makes us happy.


Love is a Hole


There is a hole
that dr

               to a never-ending tunnel.

People seek,
people dream,
some stray away,
and some are pushed in
this place.

Stay in forever,
in the deep,
or shallow.


  l m
C   b out
only to f


            ll again.

Always dark.
What lies around the corner?
There are many
tricks and traps.

You can be

the only one


one more,
or many more all at once.

Many more
than one,
everyone gets hurt.

Fall with the
wrong one,
and be forever left
in the dark.

Fall in with the right one,
the one
who carries the flashlight in the breast pocket.
Pull the map from under your hat.
Put the pieces together and find the way.

See the way,
then light the way.

Through the darkness,
around the corners,
past the tricks and traps.

Find the room shining
like the sun,
gleaming gold,
and shimmering diamonds.

The place of rich

The place
to spend every moment with
the one that

                   fell in with you.

What Does it Mean to You

I am trapped in darkness.
Silence is all I hear,
except for my own breath
panting in the blackness.

There is one light.
A bright light
shimmering in the distance.

I want to be free of this darkness,
be free
and surrounded by light,
know what lies ahead.

I begin to make my way through,
unseen obstacles keep me falling
as I struggle to stand.

Complete blackness
and solitude closes in
like a closing spot light.
I must find a way
out before I am consumed.
Consumed by the darkness that binds me
in this prison.

Make a choice,
continue falling
and perhaps discover the mystery
of the light.

Or be consumed by darkness
and simply gaze upon the light,
as it gets
and smaller,
and only wish
to reach it.

Until finally,
I’m trapped forever.

I push my way through the room,
kicking and throwing
everything in my way,
      g  but regaining
off of falling objects.


I reach the light.
The light absorbs me,
and fills my sight.

A shadow
floats across the light.

A lovely silvery blue rose
glistens and glides,
then falls at my feet.

A reward for my time and struggle.


Joe Psykes


The Evil is born
Smiles and Horns
The evening chokes
Your heart has been torn
Anger, frustration
Builds inside
This isn't a joke
Better run and hide

Give me my coat, I'm gonna
have to leave
I'm letting you know
She has what I need
I will burn it down
This Freedom Town
And then you'll believe it
When your mind then leaves you

It's easy, don't give up (x3)
Don't give up

Beware, I'm coming around
To take your mind
You never know what you're
Gonna find
I'll take whatever
I want what you got
Can't win without sin
And the fires hot

My trust has been failed
I am feeling weak
Your heart has bailed
And I can't feel it beat
Outta my way
Mean what you say
I'm nice in the day
At night it's a different way

(Girl sings)

You won' take mine cause I'll take yours
Innocent men will fall to floor
Few little sticks, your heart will stop
The fire will die, and you will drop

Your heart is gone before you know
The sun will set and the dust will blow

I really hate to say I told you so
After you, the whole world will go

I bring in death, and feed off life
Take your heart with my little knife
Can't be your girlfriend, can't be your wife
Take a gamble and roll the dice

Watch me close cause I'll disappear
If your heart is gold then keep it near
Your mind is good, but it's love to fear
We killed the time, and I love you dear


God=Poetic Mathematics


God + Everyone + Everywhere=God is Everywhere and in Everyone
God=Everyone and Everything
Ask God for Help=Ask Someone Around You for Help or Find Something That Helps
Receive Blessings from God=Get Encouragement from Others
Ask God for Forgiveness=Apologize to Who or What You Have Hurt with Wrong Intentions
Praise God=Take Care of Everything and Everyone
Jesus + Son of God=Not God
Jesus + Not God=No Religious Recognition
God=Spiritual Recognition
God + You=God is in You
You are God=Take Care of Your Damn Self.


Diva Heart


Why can't I get her out of my mind?
I tell myself over and over, time and time again,
Not to let that stuff bother me.
I'm just so lonely,
And I've been that way for awhile.
Every interesting, almost perfect girl,
Seems to have something
That I can't seem to have.
No matter how hard I try,
No matter how much I want it,
It never happens.
Never works out one way or another.
But this girl,
Every time she gets me,
And sticks with me.
Since the first random day we met.
It's been random ever since.
Each time we meet
The energy is stronger and stronger.
There's something there,there's a reason behind this crazy chick.
What is in store for me with her?
I know something will happen
And I have two ideas,
Good and bad.
Which will it be?
She could be my start,
My downfall,
Or both.
She stains me all over.
My brain is stained with my thought of her
My hands with the smell of her sweet
Vanilla cream skin
My nose with her strawberry scent
And my mouth with her succulent
Citrus lips and alcoholic tongue,
To keep you wanting more.
My heart is stained.
It thumps
As if pumping  out a virus,
But it just spreads through the body;
Giving me a warm tingly sensation.
My chest and arms still feel as if I'm holding her close.
Still feel her hair brushing my cheek and neck.
Her hand caressing and gripping my head,
And rubbing my shoulders.
I hear her heavy, sexy, soft voice
Stream through my ears.
Eyes fixed on her lips.
I can't help but love and smile
About her fun and exciting spontaneity.
She's everything I want,
And everything I need,
But for now it seems
I can't have her.
Most aggravating thing ever.
She's everywhere, but nowhere.
This dark devious, and wicked woman is out to steal my heart,
Or at least leave something in it to stay,
And change me forever.
I love to hate this heartless, wild,
And devious Diva Heart.


In An Instant


I sit with my head down, and arms crossed.
A very closed off position.
I don’t want to talk to anyone. I have nothing but negative things to say.
My self esteem and confidence is shot.
I go to sit alone at a bar, and drink my sorrows away.
Once I start feeling good and saucy, I meet someone.
We talk, laugh, and do random things in order to touch each other.
We hit it off great, they get me, they really get me.
In an instant I felt as if I was in love.
It fit perfectly into an open spot in the big picture of my life.
We leave together.
We drive down the freeway laughing, and enjoying the energy.
The sexual tension is heating.
Definitely seems like it will be a great night.
And in an instant, things change.
A motorcyclist speeds by, and gets ahead of us.
Then, suddenly flips, and crashes.
We see their body flop and fly.
I stop and reach into my pocket for my cell phone.
Before I can get it, and call 911, my passenger jumps out of the car,
and runs to the cyclists aid.
As they’re giving CPR, I dial for help.
A car zooms by and slams into the two on the freeway.
Both are thrown into the air.
The cyclist is tossed to the side,
and the one with me spins up the hood, arches over the car,
tumbles, and slides into the lane next to me.
Their eyes are wide open, and mouth agape with blood pouring out.
My heart pounds and I’m in complete shock.
It’s like one of those nightmares where you try to scream, but can’t.
This isn’t real, it can’t be real.
The person in the car that hit them gets out screaming hysterically.
They can’t be any older than 19 years.
In an instant lives are lost and lives are changed.
It was the happiest moment I could have ever experienced,
then it became the most unstable mental and emotional trauma of my life.
It wasn’t a nightmare.
I’ll never wake from this.
I won’t end my life.
I’ll appreciate and cherish every bit of it,
because it can all get taken away
in an instant.


Wandering Man



There is a man

A man that wanders through unknown places

He wanders here and there

Never knowing where he goes next

Wanders into places I don’t know

Places I’ve never thought of

I try to talk to him

He never listens to me

He listens to everyone but me

He lives in the light with the clouds

Places I only dream

He needs to b calm

Needs to stay put

He continues to run around

Runs as if racing to get somewhere

How can he get to one place

When he is all over the place

I talk to him

Others talk to him

But yet he does what he wants

Hardly ever stops to pay attention

He hears

He listens

But still keeps running

Is he running towards something?

Or is he running from something?

No matter, he ends in the right place

But someone please help me

Help me to control my mind.


Thinking of You


My mind and eyes cry with the thoughts of you.

I can’t pull myself out of this deep dark blue hole

without your hand in mine. The strength of two

but more love than any can only lift me from my depression.


I stand in the freezing rain and close my eyes

to see yours looking at me lovingly.

I try to caress your saturated face,

hold your soaking body,

and kiss your soft wet lips,

but you’re not there,

and you never will be.

It kills me to live like this.

Blood pours from my heart,

my lungs heave,

and my hands clench.

I look to the cold dark sky to ask


Just then, an icy rain drop falls

to my warm red lips

and restrains me from finishing.

I stare at the sky blinking

constantly and wondering,

but knowing it was her heavenly kiss

sent to comfort my thoughts and senses.


I slightly smile and nod understandingly.

Then continue to walk my leafy wet way home.


I Slithered Slyly Like a Snake


A poem in imitation to ‘I Wandered Lonely As A Cloud’ by William Wordsworth


I slithered slyly like a snake

That glides beneath the grass.

Then I saw something I could take,

A cluster of mice of great mass;

Around the tree, over the rocks,

Squeaking and even running up the clocks.


Delicious as a table for a King

And gush with juiciness inside.

Just thinking makes my fangs sing.

A craving that I must abide;

One by One I fought,

And only one I actually caught.


The humans around them walked, but they

looked as juicy as could be;-

Oh how I wish I could stay

in their glorious company.

I dreamt-and dreamt- but nothing was caught.

A dream of something that I sought.


For in my tank I slide,

wishing for all those mice,

Flowing like the tide.

Generosity like that would be nice.

My owner puts one in to pass,

and it feels like the juiciest in the grass.  


The Flower


I want to touch

I want to grasp

I want to yearn

I want to receive

Receive it all

It’s in reach

It’s in grasp

But it flees

Flees in many ways

How do you catch it?

How can you pick the perfect flower?

There it is among all the others

But it is only in bloom for so long

You want the flower

You need it

But the one flower in the patch

Just so happens

Unseeingly from a distance

The flower is in a pot

Not in the bed

You must not take from the pot

Wait, the flower!

It starts to show the beauty in the bloom

It lets out its wonderful fragrance

It shines brightly though all the other flowers

It teases me

It knows I want to pick it

I can, but it isn’t right

The flower will soon be lifted

Then moved to a different part of the bed

No longer in the pot

But will I be able to pick it?

It’s free and about

Or does I know where it will bloom next

If it does

Will it be in my hands

So I can give it more beauty

Then show the beauty to all

Or is there another pot waiting

If there is another pot

Hopefully it’s not within my sight

So I won’t be tempted

Tempted by it’s beauty

Even more than before

And yet still out of grasp

All there will be then is to wait

Wat for the flower to bloom for me

So I can have my pot filled

The pot that has been sitting in the bed for years

The pot with so much nutrition to give

And no flower to give to

Two beautiful flowers will grow to make one

One perfect flower that the entire bed is missing

The flower of love.


Put Our Heads Together


My mind’s over here, my mind’s over there

My mind is just about everywhere

Gotta take control, gotta take charge


I saw a guy who lost control and got the charge

He swerved over here, he swerved over there

Now the other guys brains are everywhere


This has to stop, this has got to go

Where did the protection and service go?


They’re probably pulling the walking guy over

The guy who’s walking sober

Not causing a problem, not causing any trouble

Ain’t got nuttin’ better to do, so they pull him on over


He points him and his two friends out

“You over here, you two stay over there.”

“Ok sir, we won’t go anywhere.”


He begins to test him, he begins to search him

We look over here, we look over there

Five more cops come from nowhere


Did I miss something? Must’ve looked it over.

Last I checked, we didn’t run anyone over


Another says “You sir, where were y'all headed?”

Going to the store, then going to bed.

My friends put there hands on their head

Apparently they failed the test


He grabs me and pulls me over

Gives me the test, but I’m the one sober

He pats me down, “What’s this in your pocket?”

“I don’t know, go ahead and check it.”

Probably something that keeps me from causing any problems.


I guess it’s a real big problem.

He grabs my hands and puts them on my back

Locks me up and shoves me in the back

In the car I crammed with my two friends


Somehow I think this is wrong, something ain’t right

I saw no pretty red and blue lights.

Hey, I didn’t even here any rights.


Cops think it’s funny, they think it’s all a joke

To mess with the lives of those who want to toke.


In my mind my friends got off light

Spend four hours and paid a pretty price.

I get an hour, almost a thousand dollars, forty hours of helping time,

A class to take that I have to pay, and a year going out of my mind


Can’t do this, can’t do that

Just want to smoke something fat

Keep my mind together, from being stressed out


We have to rise up, put our brains together

Legalize what’s right and keep us all together


It makes us all happy, never really mad

Keeps us all laughing, instead of being sad


Gotta get control, gotta take charge

no one has to die, there isn’t any harm

Make people smile, instead of making them cry

Save the dying man from the DWI!