Aslan Hollier

Born in Orange, TX

Lives & works in Austin,TX


I was born and raised in and around the Orange area of Texas, which is at the border to Louisiana. I graduated from Orangefield High School in '04. As a writer in high school, I wrote a lot of poems and journal entries. My senior year I wrote my first play for Theatre Class, and it was at that point I knew I enjoyed writing.


Later that year I moved to Nacogdoches, TX to attend college at Stephen F. Austin State University. While at SFA I decided to choose Creative Writing as my minor. In doing so I read many books. My writing classes consisted of Creative Non-Fiction,  Elements of Craft, Poetry, Fairy Tales, Playwriting, Comic Book Writing and Screenwriting.


My Playwriting and Screenwriting class I took from Jack Heifner who wrote the longest running Off-Broadway show in history, Vanities.


My comic book writing class I took from multi-award winning writer Joe R. Lansdale.


The Non-Fiction class and Elements of Craft I took from John McDermott, and the Poetry and Fairy Tales class was taken from Christine McDermott


Also while at SFA I wrote a short play, "Circled in Red" that was produced and performed at SFA School of Theatre as part of their "Studio Hour" performances. In order to be performed the script has to be selected by a committee of students called SPAC. My script was chosen, therefore, performed. The Student, Sarah McKinney, directed the play and received an "A+" on the production. She also was the one who helped push and develop the story.


Upon receiving my B.A. in Theatre Performance and Creative Writing in '08, I moved to Austin, TX. In 2010. I entered two plays that I wrote, "Circled in Red" and "Blue", into the Hyde Park Theatre's FronteraFest, as part of the Short Fringe category.


I then wrote a short film, "Thank You", that I produced and starred and entered into festivals. It was shown at the Texas Independent Film Festival in '12, and is now available to watch publicly on YouTube. I wrote and produced a second short film, "Interview with a Woman" that should be available for submissions to festivals by Winter 2017.


I currently host Austin Film Meet's Wordsmiths Script Swap every first Wednesday of the month in Austin, TX. I also write articles for the AFM website.


I'm aiming to write a lot more, and dabble more in the various areas I've already started, and I intend to write something in each genre. I have my writing strengths, but I don't want to be a writer who only writes one type of story.


I strive to create new worlds or show another perspectives of our own world. I yearn to inspire, inform and titillate your brain.



In 2007 I helped write the informative and educational skits with counselors. The skits were performed for six sessions at the SFA Student Orientation. They also likely used them for years after.


"Circled in Red" is a short play I wrote that was produced and performed at SFA in 2007. It was produced and performed again in Austin,TX at The Hyde Park Theatre in 2010.


"Blue" is a short play I wrote that was produced and performed at The Hyde Park Theatre in Austin,TX in 2010.


"Thank You" is a short film I wrote and produced in 2012 that was presented at the Texas Independent Film Festival.


"Interview with a Woman" is a short film I wrote and produced. It's currently still in post-production.


I occasionally write for two websites: Austin Film Meet and Moviepilot.


View an actual PDF resume HERE.